“I have peace of mind – I can trust NowX”

If my business is interrupted, I can rely on the expertise of NowX to get me back to business in a timely manner.

NowX cares and has a willingness to satisfy by getting involved in company efficiency and long term growth.

They are the right company that I trust to come through consistently with my IT requirements.

Ray Verbyla CEO
Dockboxes Unlimited

“Big firm capabilities in a personalized company”

I don’t have to worry about hardware, licenses, updates, etc., and the steady monthly fee is easier to budget. NowX has always been cutting edge with the latest changes in technology.

I have confidence in their knowledge and experience, and having been a client for over 10 years, feel very comfortable with them in an ever-advancing IT world.

Chad Benson Prestonwood Rehabilitation

“NowX feels more like a partner and an extension of our company”

NowX understands our needs and mitigates the risk of our business being down. They manage our systems and make sure we are protected and operating. They understand and are responsive to our system needs.

Lester Bell Convoy Servicing Company

“Our multiple offices now run seamlessly”

With our offices over 300 miles apart, NowX has integrated them with networking, video conferencing, and plotting interchanges that allow us to function as a single office.

After nearly 17 years as a NowX client, the consistency of maintenance functions and quick responses to unexpected problems separate NowX from other IT providers.

They deliver a comprehensive and competent approach to IT with work customized to our needs. I value their hands-on approach.

Cory Richards CEO
PT Petroleum

“You’d be making a mistake picking anyone else”

We save time and money by not having to hire a full time IT staff.

I love the fact that I can reach out to them anytime and get very good response.

You’d be making a mistake picking someone over NowX.  They know their stuff.

Scott Lakey CFO
Crossing Rocks Energy

“NowX focuses on us, we focus on making money”

NowX gives us the benefits of peace of mind and cost.  We focus our efforts on making money with full knowledge that our IT system will be up and running.  In today’s world it would be impossible for us to effectively keep up with updates, viruses, etc. without hiring a full-time person.

NowX understands OUR business, values relationships, and incorporates OUR needs into their product and service offerings, with genuine respect for OUR budget.

We have been with NowX for over 17 years and have an immense amount of respect for them.

David Myers Chairman and CEO
Cisco Energy

“17 years as a customer proves they are the best IT firm around”

The single biggest benefit is not having to buy a bunch of our own servers and spend time and money on the cost of upkeep and updating.

We have been with NowX since 2000. They are tremendous on customer service. Not only do they know how to address and fix any and all problems we have had, they do it in a very timely manner which keeps our down time to a minimum.

We wouldn’t have been such a long time customer if we didn’t believe they were simply the best IT firm around for our business.

Randy Hill CEO
The Paramount Companies

“NowX searches out root causes and avoids ‘band-aid’ fixes”

I thoroughly appreciate the NowX team and their desire for me to understand both our current status and future needs.  I’m not familiar with IT and it would be easy for them to dismiss my questions or give me incomplete answers, but they have always gone above and beyond to make certain I understand the concepts and agree with the recommendations they make.

NowX searches for root causes and avoids “band-aid” fixes - Because of this, our infrastructure is better than ever.  We chose NowX because they are comfortable discussing hard to understand topics and find resolutions.  We know they have our best interest at heart and that provides great comfort to us.

Tracie Fleming Executive VP
Providence Title Company

“Exceptional response times and reliability”

For me, IT services can best be measured by how much I have to think about them; with NowX I never have to. Everything just works. And when we need to change something it is done quickly and correctly.

Their responsiveness and reliability are exceptional.

I would recommend NowX for IT services unequivocally. Great service and reasonable cost.

Eric Spomer President
Catalyst Renewables